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Reducing Your Heating Bill This Winter

Posted by Derek Pleva on Thu, Jan 05 2017 @ 01:32 PM

It's starting to get colder out, especially at night! All throughout Chicago land and Northwest Indiana, families are starting to fire up their furnaces at night to keep them warm while they sleep. While everyone is looking forward to a cozy home, no one is excited about their energy bill at the end of the month. Considering home heating accounts for half of a home's energy bill during peak season, we could all benefit from a few professional tricks to increase the efficiency of their heating strategy.

 Lets take a look at 5 ways to reduce energy bills without turning off the furnace!

Saving Money, Saving Heat!

  • Turn Down the Water Heater: Most families have a water heater installed, and then they never think about it again until it needs repairs or needs to be replaced. But, most water heaters are set needlessly high! Check the temperature setting on your water heater; turn the temperature down to between 115-120 degrees. It'll save you money every day without any noticeable difference in your hot water.
  • Use Curtains: The world's first and best furnace is the sun! Harness it's power by leaving your blinds open during the day to let the sunshine in! Then when night falls, close the blinds to block any air leakage from your windows.
  • Clear Heating Vents: Do you know where your home's heating vents are located? Oftentimes we unknowingly block them with rugs or furniture. This restricts their airflow and debilitates their heating potential. Clear the way and let the heat flow!
  • Thermostat Upgrade: Modern thermostats are far more sophisticated than those of even five years ago. The Nest Learning Thermostat gives you complete mastery of your home climate with a single touch, and allows a homeowner to access their HVAC system from anywhere. The thermostat can be set and programmed from the convenience of your smartphone!

A Four Seasons Clean and Check

Hands down the best way to increase home efficiency is with a Furnace Clean and Check from Four Seasons! Our 30+ point checklist inspects and corrects every nut, bolt, and connection to bring your furnace back to peak condition! For a limited time, check out our coupon page for a special offer! This valued service can now be yours for the low price of $89.95 originally priced at $139.95!

Schedule Your Clean and Check!

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