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Four Tips to Reduce Heating Costs

Posted by Derek Pleva on Tue, Sep 06 2016 @ 12:21 PM

Early autumn is the time of year that has us bouncing between AC and heat every week. Now that the warm weather is likely over and the furnace gets regular use every evening, we can start focusing on ways to curb our heating expenses while still maintaining the ideal level of comfort. Sound impossible? Actually, there are numerous ways to take the edge off your furnace’s nightly burden before and during the peak season.

Four Tips to Help You Save

  1. Open the Blinds: While we still have daylight till after 6, take advantage of it! Keep those blinds open for as long as possible and let the daylight warm the home. When the sun does set, close the blinds up to provide an extra layer of insulation between the windows and the rest of the home.
  2. Seal Your Windows: A tube of caulk and fresh weather-stripping can go a long way in cutting down your energy costs. Look for any cracks in the sealant around the window and patch it up right away!
  3. Insulate Your Attic: As we all know, heat rises, and if it rises up into an uninsulated attic, you can be sure that heat is not sticking around. Insulation is by far the most cost effective way to cut heating and cooling costs significantly. It has been known to reduce these expenditures by up to 20%.
  4. Unblock All Vents and Registers: Do you know where all of your return and supply registers are in your home? Walk from room to room and make sure they are not being obstructed by furniture, floor lamps, or rugs.

Four Seasons Clean and Check

 Still, the best way to ensure that your heating dollars are being well spent is to ensure that your furnace is in peak condition. There is no better way to accomplish this than with the Four Seasons Clean and Check. This comprehensive maintenance service includes a 30+ point checklist in which our technician inspects and cleans every inch of your unit to help it perform at its best. Schedule your Clean and Check today!

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