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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Posted by David Gaudio on Mon, Dec 21 2015 @ 10:00 PM

Carbon monoxide is a chemical compound poisonous to the human body. Unfortunately it is also the by product of all gas burning appliances in the home. While these appliances are designed to be as safe as possible, the potential for a carbon monoxide leak is still there. For that reason it is incredibly important to have CO detectors in the home and be aware of the symptoms of poisoning so you can react before any real damage occurs.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

  • CO Lifespans: Carbon monoxide detectors are not "set it and forget it" devices. Most carbon monoxide detectors only last a few years and vary by model. Know your model and your detector's lifespan.
  • CO Blood Levels: Carbon Monoxide takes effect in our blood, and as a result, will begin to affect your pets much more swiftly. If your pets begin to act as though they were light-headed, it is possible that Carbon Monoxide is the cause.
  • Condemned Units: Flaws in the heat exchanger can expel carbon monoxide into the home in dangerous quantities. Do not operate a condemned furnace!

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