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Top 2 Furnace Malfunctions

Posted by David Gaudio on Wed, Dec 23 2015 @ 08:30 AM

The winter is upon us, and it has come in force this week! Temperatures are plummeting and struggling to stay above freezing. All throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, furnaces and boilers have been breaking down.

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Furnace Malfunctions — What to Expect

As they say, knowledge is half the battle. Furnace breakdowns or malfunctions are not always loudly announced or a grand dramatic scene, but it is always clear that something is wrong. When your furnace is in trouble, chances are one of two things are happening.

Scenario 1: Sudden Heat Loss— This is the classic interpretation of a furnace breakdown; the furnace shuts off unexpectedly and permanently.  Oftentimes, this happens at the coldest part of the night, so your family will awake to a frozen home and no heat.

Possible Causes:  This could be caused by a large variety of issues such as loss of power, malfunctioning pilot light, faulty wiring; the list goes on. Because of the large assortment of possible causes, it is very important to leave these complications to the trained, professional technicians at Four Seasons.

Scenario 2: Short Cycling— This furnace issue is less well known but no less serious of a complication. Short cycling is when your furnace clicks on and off in short bursts instead of sustained durations. With such short operating times, the home never properly warms and the start-stop nature of operation adds a lot of wear and tear to your unit.

Possible Causes: A dirty filter is likely the cause of this problem. The clogged filter restricts the airflow and creates a backup of air and heat. The furnace’s internal temperature reaches too high of a level and the safety shut off switch powers the unit down. Then, because the thermostat is still needs to bring the home to a certain temperature, it powers the furnace back up and the cycle repeats.

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