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Spring Air Conditioner Test and Prep

Posted by Derek Pleva on Fri, Apr 08 2016 @ 01:08 PM

       With spring on the horizon, the air conditioner will soon be in demand. It has had a long season in hibernation, and with the heat waves we have experienced across the country over the past few summers, the air conditioner needs to be in tip top shape before the heat arrives. Getting the system ready is simply a matter of having your yearly maintenance check performed, but you may want to test your air conditioner to make sure that it is working properly before they come out to clean it.

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Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Spring!

Posted by Derek Pleva on Mon, Mar 28 2016 @ 12:00 PM

While winter’s weather lingers over Chicagoland and much of the United States, a warm up is on the horizon. As temperatures creep into the 40’s, it will finally be warm enough to start preparing our homes for the spring and summer seasons ahead. We clean the gutters to prevent damage from storms, we inspect the sump pump to prevent floods from consuming our basements, and perhaps most importantly, we clean our air conditioners to prevent breakdowns.

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Furnace Clean & Checks and AC Covers

Posted by David Gaudio on Thu, Oct 01 2015 @ 01:09 PM

It is the start of October and the cooling season will be just about over. Now, we can shut off the AC and turn our thoughts to football, thanksgiving, and the falling leaves. But, just because the weather is mild, doesn't mean that we can completely forget about our HVAC equipment. There are just a couple things left to do in preparation for the heating season and to wrap up the summer.

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Is Your Air Conditioner Oversized?

Posted by David Gaudio on Wed, May 13 2015 @ 03:58 PM

We are often asked, “Why do you schedule in-home estimates instead of just selling equipment?” In short, it is because we want to sell you the right sized air conditioner. While two homes may both buy the same model, the XC13 for example, the size of the XC13 will vary depending on the unique factors of the home.

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Winter is Coming: Prepare Your AC

Posted by David Gaudio on Tue, Sep 30 2014 @ 11:18 AM

The seasons are changing. You can already feel the chill and see your breath in the night air. While we all fire up our furnaces for the first time or try to abstain as long as possible, our air conditioners will require some attention in the coming days. The falling leaves of autumn and the heavy snows of winter can damage the air conditioner if it is not properly prepared. So, before we pluck the perfect pumpkin, check these helpful tips to protect your air conditioner throughout the off season.

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The Thing to Remember About Buying a New AC

Posted by David Gaudio on Fri, Aug 08 2014 @ 05:20 PM

The single most important thing to remember about buying a new air conditioner is not the brand, the quality of the unit, or even the price. Of course, those should be important factors in your decision, but when shopping for a new air conditioner remember—it's not what you're installing, but who's installing it. Air conditioners are sophisticated, complicated appliances with an intricate installation process. It is far more involved than a plug and a switch, and the skill of the technician at hand will play a vastly more significant role in your home comfort than the particular brand you have purchased. For that reason, Four Seasons takes every opportunity to elevate the skill level of our technicians and provide you with a superior level of satisfaction and quality.

The Four Seasons University

The Four Seasons University is an in-house training program in which we prepare our technicians for every installation and repair scenario they could encounter in the field. After a thorough background check and drug screening, every new employee is enrolled. In this way, we are able to not only ascertain those individuals with a work ethic and integrity in line with our own values, but also shape those with potential into industry-leading professionals.

Training Center: Our warehouse is equipped with a full training center consisting of over 30 different pieces of equipment ranging from the cutting-edge to older models. Here, we can recreate virtually any scenario they could encounter and allow our technicians the opportunity to practice and develop their practical skills under the tutelage of industry veterans.

Role-Play Focus: The HVAC industry is full of jargon of which the average homeowner simply isn't aware. Through three modules and nine classes, our technicians learn the communication skills necessary to filter out the technical jargon and provide clear, thorough explanations of every process, system, and repair in your unit from top to bottom.

Written Tests: Our technicians know the equipment and installation procedures backwards and forwards. To ensure their depth of understanding, the Four Seasons University includes written evaluations.

Continuing Education: The HVAC industry is one that is constantly evolving and releasing new sophisticated equipment. As new items are released to the market, the Four Seasons University remains a resource for our technicians to learn and grow with the industry.

Schedule Your Free Estimate Today!

When we say that our technicians are the best in the industry, we say it with confidence. HVAC work is a skill which can be taught and developed. So, when searching for a new air conditioner this summer, remember that the technician makes all the difference in the world. Contact us today to schedule a FREE in-home estimate and see the Four Seasons difference first hand.

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Air Conditioner Repair at Four Seasons

Posted by David Gaudio on Wed, Jun 18 2014 @ 05:01 PM

Air conditioners are expected to live and remain functional for around fifteen to twenty years, so long they are receiving annual maintenance such as the Four Seasons Clean and Check. Yet, towards the end of their days, older AC's may experience difficulties and breakdowns that do not require a complete replacement of the system. In those instances, the informed and educated inspection and diagnosis by a certified repair technician will yield a solution to the problem. With the skill of a Four Seasons technician, many of these once faltering air conditioners once again hum and cool the home just as they had done for years before.

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Dispelling AC Myths: Freon Boosts

Posted by David Gaudio on Tue, Jun 03 2014 @ 04:59 PM

Even though we use our air conditioners most days during the summer, many homeowners don't know how these machines actually produce the cold air we need so desperately during Chicago's scorching heat waves. As a result, misconceptions and myths arise revolving around fundamental functions of these machines. Less scrupulous companies will prey upon these oversights and cash in on the easy profits. Four Seasons and the Comfort Corner are here to dispel the misconceptions that could be draining your finances every summer.

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Top 3 Mistakes When Scheduling an AC Cleaning

Posted by David Gaudio on Wed, May 21 2014 @ 04:43 PM

Annual AC cleanings are an essential part of owning and operating an air conditioner in your home. Every year, homeowners across Chicago land and Northwest Indiana receive or stumble upon coupons from all sorts of contractors offering seemingly the same service at radically different prices. Ranging from $40 to over $200, choosing the right contractor for your annual maintenance may not be as simple as selecting the lowest price around.

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4 Ways to Stay Cool without Your Air Conditioner!

Posted by David Gaudio on Fri, May 09 2014 @ 03:52 PM

Spring has finally sprung, and the weather is finally starting to warm up here in Chicago. Yet many homeowners are not quite ready to commit to the cooling season and turn on their air conditioners. So, the problem becomes keeping the home at a reasonable temperature without our tried and true cooling systems. For the reason, Four Seasons has assembled a few ways to accomplish just that.

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