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4 Reasons to Own a Humidifier

Posted by David Gaudio on Mon, Feb 16 2015 @ 04:26 PM

While boiling water on the stove, select plants, or laying out bowls of water around your home can all combat dry indoor air, none come close to addressing the issue as well as a Lennox Whole-Home Humidifier. Using state of the art technology and attaching into your HVAC system, the humidifier can supply the much needed moisture to ever corner of the home from one central point.

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3 Unexpected Ways to Conserve Water!

Posted by David Gaudio on Fri, Apr 05 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Four Seasons is committed to saving YOU money! While heating and cooling accounts for roughly half of your energy costs, another large segment of your utility bills is the money spent on water. While we could tell you all the common ways to cut down on your water use, such as a low flow shower-head, efficient toilet, or keep the sink off while brushing your teeth, you've probably heard all those suggestions a hundred times. Instead, we're going to describe some easy and unconventional ways to save water without impacting your lifestyle.

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Five Ways to Fight Mold Growth for Improved Air Quality

Posted by Kate Miller on Thu, Mar 28 2013 @ 02:04 PM

As the snow turns to rain, mold becomes a major concern for homes across Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. This destructive organism can invade wreaking havoc on allergies and asthma while potentially causing structural damage to your home as well! Four Seasons has seen what mold can do to a home, and trust us, you don’t want your home to suffer that fate! Take action now and consider Four Seasons five ways to fight mold growth this spring.

Five Ways to Keep Mold at Bay

  • Keep Water Away: One of the three factors that promote mold growth is water. Without it, mold simply cannot survive. Therefore, the very first step towards preventing mold growth in your home is preventing water from getting inside. This can be done by extending the downspouts on your gutters, repairing leaking pipes, and installing properly functioning sump pump equipment. Four Seasons professional plumbers can repair any plumbing issue and test or replace your existing sump pump. We also offer back up devices to keep water away during power failures. These sump pumps work together with your downspouts to direct the water as far away from your foundation as possible.
  • Proper Humidification: Again the idea of water and moisture removal comes into play. Humidity levels in the home play a big part in creating an environment that either encourages or discourages mold growth. Humidity levels that are much too high (typically over 60%) can promote mold growth, but having a properly maintained air conditioner can prevent humidity problems all together. The air conditioner removes excess moisture from the air before cooling the home to the desired temperature. Four Seasons 30+ point clean and check makes it easy for your air conditioner for keep you cool while controlling humidity and mold.
  • Verify Proper Ventilation: The attic is often an area of the home that is vulnerable to mold growth and improper ventilation tends to be the cause. You need adequate amounts of fresh air to prevent mold spores from making your home their home as well. Four Seasons is your indoor air quality expert and will help you improve ventilation anywhere from the roof to the basement.
  • Clean and Repair Your Gutters: Gutters that are clogged by dirt and debris not only fail to function but they can also promote mold growth in the home. Decaying, damp leaves make it easy for mold to take over your gutters, roof, and eventually your home. Clogged gutters will also overflow when it rains preventing water from being safely directed away from the foundation. This leads to flooding as the foundation begins to crumble. Keeping the gutters maintained multiple times a year will prevent this problem and Four Seasons Home Services can help you keep on top of this tedious home maintenance task.
  • Improve Indoor Air Filtration: Your air filtration system is another important line of defense against mold growth. As spores circulate throughout the home, your HVAC filter will capture the spores before they can set up shop and spread. Clean air ducts are another point to consider. If you have mold present in your ducts, a thorough cleaning from Four Seasons is just want you need to eliminate this common source of mold growth in the home.

Fighting Mold with Four Seasons

As you can see, Four Seasons has several services designed to fight mold growth this spring and all year round! Now is the time to clean your gutters, replace your sump pump, repair your pipes, clean your air conditioner, and improve ventilation and air quality with help from Four Seasons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing the Midwest's largest HVAC contractor.

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